Tamerlan and Jahar Tsarnaev: Bombing Evidence Could Lie In Social Media Accounts


With Jahar Tsarnaev still being hunted by the Boston Police, the internet is busy hunting down any information on the two suspects and have tracked their social media accounts to figure out more information on what led these two young men to commit the acts they did.

Tamerlan, who died in a shootout with police Thursday night after robbing a 7-11 with Jahar, seems to have followed a lot of religious dialogue on YouTube. His YouTube channel lists his most recent subscription to a channel called "Allah is the One" and has playlists devoted to videos on Islam. He also subscribed and liked videos by Wahhabi fundamentalist Australian Muslim preacher, Sheikh Feiz, outlining the ways Harry Potter is un-Islamic. 

Tamerlan's "Favorite Videos" channel starts with a video of a chameleon changing colors according to the sunglasses placed in front of him with an overlay of Arabic chants. The video comments say that this was a school project. The other videos in Tamerlan's favorites includes on the shortage of shaving blades in Russia, and another extremely dramatic video titled "Who is the almighty ALLAH" by Sheikh Omar Al-Banna, whose Facebook page does not provide any information on him, but only lists other videos of his preachings.

Jahar Tsarnaev's SoundCloud account does not have any recordings on it, but he is followed by 13 people. His profile photo on SoundCloud shows him with headphones around his neck, looking straight into the camera and smiling. He would be undistinguishable from any 19-year-old were it not for the events of this week.