Live Stream Video: Final Florida GOP Debate on CNN in Jacksonville

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TO LIVE STREAM the debate go to CNN's live stream here.

What to watch for:

1. Gingrich gets personal. Now that Newt Gingrich has lost some of his luster since winning South Carolina, watch for him to go back out on the offensive against Romney. Gingrich knows that a win in Florida would seriously jeapordize Romney's chances so he needs to make a move quickly. Earlier today, the former House speaker made fun of Romney's Swiss and Cayman Island bank accounts at a Tea Party rally.

2. Romney tries to be presidential. Following the Monday night brawl, Romney needs to bring back the Presidential stature to his campaign. Contrasted to Obama's State of the Union Address on Tuesday night, the GOP debates have far from impressed.

3. Santorum continues to be cautious. On Monday night, Santorum was very passive and cautious about attacking Romney or Gingrich. Although he has no reason to drop out immediately, he might be trying to foster goodwill with the leading campaigns in an effort to secure a role in a future administration.

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