20 Things You Didn’t Know About the Chechen President


The Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov might be a public figure, but that doesn't stop him from being just like your 16 year-old cousin who posts selfies at the gynecologist; he's an oversharer.

As soon as he used his Instagram account to make a formal announcement about the Boston Marathon bombing, it was clear that he doesn't take his Instagraming lightly. Earlier this year, he opened up to the Guardian about the heavy and strenuous responsibilities that come with having an Instagram account. 

"If, for people, Instagram is just entertainment, for me it's an additional burden," said Kadyrov. I leafed through his profile and he wasn't kidding. He takes his Instagraming (a little too) seriously. Here are the 20 things I learned about the Chechenian president today.

1. He's a tender man.

2. He likes to work out.

3. A lot.

4. He likes to bro-out out with his bros in Dubai. 

5. He enjoys fist-pumps.

6. He's not afraid of danger.

7. When he's not working out, he likes to be bromantic.

8. He enjoys climbing on shiny objects in the night.

9. He likes to make sure people get both sides of the same story.

10. He got arrested once. KIDDING.


11. He knows which angles highlight his features (yikes).

12. He likes to workout when no one's watching (except people are watching because it's on Instagram).

13. Sometimes he's to busy to take pictures because he has to take important phones calls.

14. "He documents everything" is an understatement.

15. Goats are among his biggest supporters.

16. He doesn't just post pictures of himself. Look chickens! And some call him narcissistic?!

17. He's a real joker.


18. He's not ashamed of the #selfy.

19. He's also cool with group selfies.

20. His son is already following in his father's footsteps.

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