15 Regrets From Freshman Year Of College


Some people say that you shouldn’t regret anything from your past. Those people clearly did not go through their freshman year of college. All kidding aside, many “freshman grads,” that is, second semester freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors in college, do indeed wish they had done things differently, whether it pertain to certain habits, life choices, events on the weekends, and the like.

Coming into your freshman year of college is much like being a lost child separated from his or her parents: there are hundreds of new faces, millions of emails, and tons of upcoming experiences you might have otherwise never imagined happening to you. So, I compiled a list of “freshman year regrets” from girls and guys across all grades. Here they are:

1. “I probably could have worked out more”

2. “I wish I had been more open to experiences out of my comfort zone!”

3. “Didn't explore the different neighborhoods of the city I go to school in as much as I would have liked to”

4. “Limited my coffee intake”

5. “I regret not living in the party dorm! On admitted students day, we saw the quieter (and cleaner) dorm, and I thought that would be best to come home to after a long night in the library or out and about. Though it was really nice, I wish I had had the party dorm experience.”

6. “Dating comes later…like in the three whole years following the fun times of freshman year”

7. (Similarly…) “First semester of my freshman year, I dated a senior. I spent most of my free time with him, and getting to know people in my hall or the girls in my sorority that I had just been initiated into. For a while, I felt like I didn't have many close girl friends to turn to. Long story short, we broke up eventually and I realized that boys definitely come later.”  

8. “I wish I hadn’t taken such random classes so that I knew what my major was/what I wanted to do earlier on.”

9. “Toned down the slutiness”

10. “Purchased a fake ID”

11. “Wish I hadn’t skipped as much class in order to go to happy hour”

12. “Join a few different clubs to see which one interested me most”

13. “Wish I had learned to chug water and an Advil before sleeping after a night out”

14. “I should have had a job of some sort to pay for cost of living”

15. “Limited the laziness”