4 Hilarious Fake Trailers That You Totally Wish Were Real


It's happened on more than one occasion:

You watch a trailer for an upcoming film, then immediately turn to a friend and say, "What the hell. Is that seriously a real movie?" Much of the inane drivel Hollywood pumps out never fails to baffle, but sometimes a film or TV show looks so ridiculous that it absolutely defies logic.

Luckily, some of these are fake.

Audiences have grown so familiar with the conventions of trailer aesthetics that making a trailer has become an art form in itself. From the supercut to the humorous narrations of "Honest Trailers" and their kind, the pop culture landscape is littered with creative re-interpretations of the promotional preview.

This has precipitated the rise of the fake trailer, essentially a short film re-imagined: this genre often borrows from pre-existing pop culture characters and places them in unexpectedly funny, strange, or ridiculous scenarios. Ironically, the resulting trailers can generate significant appeal on their own. And sometimes, we even wish they were real.

Here are four hilarious examples that creatively re imagine familiar characters and conventions, and throw them into unexpected scenarios. I'd definitely check some of these out if they were real.

1. Hey Arnold! The Movie by DrCoolSex

Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold! cartoon, but live action and reinterpreted as a Fatal Attraction style sex thriller. I'm in.

2. Coptown by Official Comedy

A TV show about a town where everyone (even the kids) is a cop. Hilarious. Produced by P0YKPAC for the hilarious Official Comedy channel.

3. Angry Birds by Rooster Teeth

This one is funny because it would be unsurprising if it ended up as a real movie. We all know how much Hollywood loves turning board games and video games into movies, so why not a smartphone app?

4. Dora the Explorer by College Humor

Dora as an international criminal investigator. Sí, por favor.