Boston Bombers Caught: Thousands Crowd Boston Common for Celebration [PHOTOS]


Extraordinary. The only word capable of describing the scene on the Boston Common right now. Police officers are shaking hands with, hugging and taking photos with citizens young and old. They are engaging, embracing. Thousands of relieved citizens are cheering and singing patriotic songs. And while this moment is utterly bittersweet, with what's happened to the lives of the victims and even the 19-year old suspect being tragic, this moment is when our beloved city backs off the edge of chaos. We stand proud with our respected police officers and government officials. These past four days, these past 24 hours, and this exact moment right now are something I will never forget. Neither will the rest of my fellow Bostonians.


I end with the words of my mother. "Embrace this moment of unity. Hope it is not just a moment."

I hope so too.

Here are some photos I took at the celebration on the Boston Common.