London Marathon Livestream 2013: Where to Watch


The London Marathon saw increased security measures amid the first international race since the Boston Marathon bombing. The race kicked off with all 36,000 and onlookers partaking in an emotional 30-second silence to honor the victims. Many the runners can be seen wearing black ribbons as a way to represent solidarity with Boston. Organizers of the race will donate $3 dollars to The One Fund Boston for each person that completes the race. 

"The best way for us to react is to push ahead with the marathon, to get people on the streets and to celebrate it as we always do in London -- and to send a very clear message that we won't be cowed by this sort of behavior," Sport Minister Hugh Robertson told the BBC.

The strong police presence was noticeable, as 40% more officers were on duty following the Boston bombing. Thousands of onlookers cheered on the marathon runners, many of whom fought back tears. The running community is strong, expansive, and global. These London Marathoners feel an affinity with those who ran in Boston and they showed it this Sunday.

If you're, in the U.K., you can watch the BBC livestream of the marathon here.

Here is a look at the course the runners will be running: