Shifting His Strategy Towards Smaller States, Ron Paul Vies For GOP Delegates in Maine

ByMichael Weiss

Though the Florida primary is still being hotly contested, candidates are already looking past the Sunshine State vote and towards future contests. As a result, Maine, one of the next votes on the docket, is already looming large in the tight GOP race.

Maine will hold its caucus from Feb. 4-11. Maine has 24 delegates to the Republican Convention and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) and Mitt Romney are the only national candidates on the ballot. The Republican caucuses don't start in Maine for another week, but libertarian candidate Paul is already visiting. Paul in particular is looking at "small market" contests to grab delegates and give him an edge against the likes of Romeny and Newt Gingrich. 

His first stop was in Bangor, Maine. His last stop was Sunday at the University of Southern Maine. On his way to Lewiston on Friday evening, he met with Maine's Governor Paul LePage (R) who was elected with 38% of the vote in 2010 with a significant number of Tea Party voters.

Susan Johnson came to see Paul in Bangor said, "We just wanted to see him up close and personal. We agree with everything he's proposing and we just want to help return the United States to a Constitutional Republic."

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons