Pakistani Woman Reports Gang-Rape: Gets Kicked Out Of Police Station


A woman living in Aadhi village in Tharparkar, Pakistan is the alleged victim of a gang-rape involving two members of the local police. The 20 year-old Hindu woman reports that two officers who were located at a checkpoint broke into her house with two other men. They tortured her before eventually gang-raping her.

Sickeningly, the story actually gets worse. Although most rapes go largely unreported in Pakistan (and in every other country in the world for that matter), the gang-rape survivor courageously marched down to the police station to report the crime. When she showed up with her family, they were "pushed out station by the law enforcers." Yes, this actually happened.

After reports that neighbouring India's police tried to bribe the parents of a 5-year-old rape victim to keep them quiet, the news coming out of Pakistan demonstrates just how biased and misogynistic police forces can be when it comes to dealing with men's violence against women (especially when those crimes involve police officers). The police's apathy when it comes to rape is not confined to South-East Asia. It's rampant even here in America.

The International News reports that when contacted, the Pakistani Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Tharparka "said that both the policemen had been suspended while a probe was also launched into the matter."

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