Jack Carroll: Teen With Cerebral Palsy Gets Standing Ovation At 'Britain's Got Talent'


There's a 90% chance that this 14-year-old-boy with cerebral palsy is funnier than you. Check out the video below to find out why.


1:01 "I use my cerebral palsy in my act because in comedy a lot of times, your weaknesses are your strengths," explains the teen.

1:19 "He wants to make people laugh and he wants to make something of his life," says the boy's mother.

1:50 "I'm never going to be Usain Bolt, that's sorted. But maybe I can focus on my strengths which is to bring joy to the world," Jack tells the camera.

2:01 Jack opens up his act saying "Don’t worry, I know what you’re thinking. Harry Potter’s had a nasty Quidditch accident!"

2:35 The best part of his performance is when he tells the crowd that there's benefits to his illness. "Take a look on the bright side, I've never had to queue at Disney Land" he says.

4:07 Jack gets a huge standing ovation form the crowd. 

4:30 "You are a comedy genius," says one of the judges.

4:47 Another judge says he made her laugh before the acts even started to which Jack interrupts and says: "It's okay I know I have a funny face."

5:51 Simon Cowell announces the unanimous vote giving the boy the opportunity to compete in the next round.  

6:34 After the hosts congratulate him for the standing ovation, Jack responds: "It's something that I can't even do, they were just rubbing it in my face."


So Ryan Lochte can get his own show but not this guy? Now that's what I call injustice.

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