Paul Kevin Curtis, Ricin Letter Suspect, Sings to High Schoolers


The man suspected to have sent the ricin-laced mail to President Obama and Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) has a claim to fame other than poisoning government officials. This is Paul Kevin Curtis, the suspect in the attempted poisoning, singing Prince's "Little Red Corvette" to a class of high schoolers. It is not known why this creepy and disturbing event was brought to a school. The video, from 2009, was retrieved from Curtis’s YouTube Channel. He is an Elvis impersonator.

Curtis's rendition of the song which graphically describes a raunchy one-night stand "you had a pocketful of horses/Trojan and some of them used" was accompanied by Curtis attempting Elvis-like gyrations.

By the end of the bizarre performance, the students are clapping, but perhaps they were just trying to get him to wrap it up. They were probably jealous of any fellow students home sick that day, because seeing a middle-aged man shake his groove thang surely wasn't on their to-do list. Now Curtis is being accused of a much bigger crime than being creepy.

The video has surfaced and became relevant after President Obama and Senator Wicker received tainted mail last week. Indeed, it is an unusual combination entertainer and mad scientist plotting to poison government officials. Family have said that Curtis suffers from bipolar disorder. Although no ricin turned up in a search of Curtis's Mississippi home, FBI do believe he was the one who sent the tainted letters. His lawyers argue that he was framed by an enemy, CBS reports.

Curtis was arraigned in a Mississippi District Court on Friday, and his arraignment continued today. Under guidance from his attorneys, he denies any connection to the crime.