Midterm Elections 2014: Republicans Looking Good Going In


After suffering a crushing loss this fall, everyone thought that the Republican Party as we knew it was finished. However, Republicans across America should start getting excited looking forward to the 2014 mid-term elections.

At this point in the 2010 cycle, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) had three times more cash on hand than the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).

By the end of March 2009, the DSCC had already raised $5.02 million, had $7.2 million cash on hand, and was $10.9 million in debt, while the NRSC had only raised $4.9 million, had $2.3 million cash on hand, and owed more than $10 million in debt.

Even though the DSCC had all that extra money, the Republican Party still pulled off an amazing sweep in 2010 gaining five seats.

Now we all know you have to work twice as hard to score on defense; and so far, the Democratic candidates definitely haven't been putting their best candidates forward, with the exception of Braley in Iowa.

Besides, if the DSCC really believed money is more important than ever in 2014, then they are in big trouble in Kentucky which they claim is their best opportunity.

The DSCC may currently be ahead of the NRSC in their fundraising efforts, but when you look at the big picture, the two parties are actually fairly equal. The DSCC has $8.2 million on hand and $15 million in debt, while the NRSC has $5.2 million on hand and $9.5 million in debt.

Besides, in our current political structure party committees no longer are the dominant fundraising source. Campaigns have millions of dollars being poured into their races by various PACs from throughout the country. The NRSC's main concern right now should be picking quality candidates that know how to sell the conservative message in 2014.

Republicans had a tough election in 2012, but they learned their lesson, took the time to correct their mistakes, and came back ready to put up a fight in 2014. Conservatives shouldn’t worry about the latest DSCC numbers because as we saw in 2010, those numbers don’t mean anything.