9 Recent Recalls You Didn't Hear About


On a recent "I feel like blowing my calorie count’" day, my mother and I decided to stuff our faces at the Pizza Hut lunch buffet. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with eating pizza. If I had my way, it would be its own food group. In fact, when I indulge my pizza habit I like to cap off my meal with a slice of apple dessert pizza goodness. When no dessert pizza appeared on the buffet we asked about it only to be told that they couldn’t make any because the crumb topping had been recalled.

That piqued my curiosity and since then I have been able to find no information on any crumb catastrophes. For all I know the worker could have lied and they were just out or too tired to make it. Either way, the lack of a recall notice made me wonder, what other recalls have the mainstream media missed the memo on?

1. High Heels

Company: White House Black Market

If you fall in these shoes it may not be because of a lack of being graceful. The heels on them can be become unstable. Return them to the store for a refund or exchange. Information on the manufacturer and importer can be found here.

2. Heated Jackets

Company: Gerbings

Also sold under the Harley-Davidson name, these jackets designed to keep you warm can keep you too warm. A faulty wire connector in the liner can cause it to overheat. Minor burn injuries have been reported. Gerbings will repair or replace the jacket liner.

3. Handgun Vault

Company: Battenfeld Technologies Inc.

The whole point of having a gun vault is to keep your weapon out of the wrong hands, but if you have this model it can still happen. The lock can fail and allow unintended access to the gun so Battenfeld has issued a voluntary recall. The affected models were sold in the United States and Canada. Contact the company for a refund. More information on the recalled models can be found here.

4. High Chair

Company: BabyHome USA

Be careful how you feed your baby if you have one of these high chairs. The space between the tray and the bottom of the seat is large enough for a baby to slip down. Their fall with only be stopped by the neck and they could be strangled. Thankfully no injuries have been reported. Contact BabyHome for a free restraint repair kit. Several production lots are affected so see this site to identify if your high chair has been recalled.

5. Air Soft Rifle

Company: Air Soft USA

This is a perfect example of why you must keep your guard up around guns of all types at all time. Sold exclusively at Sports Authority stores, this air soft rifle can fire even when the safety has been engaged. A full description of the recalled weapon can be found here. If you own this rifle, take it back to Sports Authority for a full refund.

6. Garlic Slicer

Company: Pampered Chef

Using this kitchen gadget can end up with more than just your garlic sliced. The company has gotten several reports of the blades coming loose with one of those instances causing an injury. The recall only pertains to slicers sold before July 15, 2011, so check out the full description of the affected model to see if yours qualifies. Contact Pampered Chef for a replacement.

7. Bike Helmet

Company: Bell Sports

A helmet is only as good as its ability to stay on, which is precisely the problem with this one. Sold exclusively at Toys R Us, the Bell Full Throttle bike helmet has a defective safety strap. Don’t try to return the helmet to Toys R Us; contact Bell Sports for a full refund.

8. Buoyancy Compensator

Company: Aqua Lung

If you’re not a scuba diver you may not know what this product is supposed to do, but if you are a scuba diver your life may depend on one of these. A buoyancy compensator is designed to help you float in an emergency. The rubber handles on weight pockets of the recalled models can come off preventing the removal of the weights and pose a risk of drowning. Over 200 reports of this happening have been filed but so far no injuries have been reported. Thirteen different models have been recalled. Return the buoyancy compensator to an Aqua Lung dealer for a free inspection and free replacement handles.

9. Baby Socks

Company: Classic Characters

These baby socks are cute, but they could also be dangerous. Sold exclusively at Cracker Barrel restaurants, the frog face and feet on these baby socks can come off and pose a choking hazard to children. Take the socks back to Cracker Barrel or mail them to the address found here for a full refund.

Side note: If you have small children, please, periodically take a look at this website. Recalls on toys, clothing and other items for small children happen frequently and they are often not publicized by the mainstream media.