'Veronica Mars' Movie: 5 Things It Must Have


After a super successful Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $5.7 million in 30 days, those behind the popular television show Veronica Mars announced that they would film a movie version. Rob Thomas, the creator of the show (who is not the popular singer), has stated that the script is finished and being edited in time for the start of filming in just a few months. But what is in the script?

With not much information on which actors are returning, and only snippets of plot, what can loyal fans expect from this film?


According to Thomas, Veronica will finish her undergraduate education at Stanford and go to Columbia Law School. The movie will pick up as Veronica is preparing to take the bar exam, but something calls her back to Neptune. She hasn't worked on a case since the last episode of the series, having ruined her father's career in law.

Here are a few of my predictions, wishes, and questions about the Veronica Mars film:

1. Logan is the only confirmed character so far aside from Veronica. So since we know he'll be in the movie, what role might he play in Veronica's life?

When we last left Logan, he had recently been dumped by two girls: first Veronica, and then Parker, who had realized that he was still hung up on Veronica while they were together. We know he wasn't going on his planned surfing trip in the summer following season three, since his partner-in-crime Dick had made plans to visit his incarcerated father instead. I truly hope he and Veronica are able to reconnect as friends, assuming he's matured since the show ended. Hopefully he's finished college, at any rate — he didn't seem too promising a student. Of course, my real wish is to see them get back together, but I doubt that's plausible.

2. Why does Veronica go back to Neptune, anyway?

We know a new case brings her back to her hometown, but nothing about the details. It could be personal — perhaps involving her father or friends like Wallace or Mac — which is why she might be all too inclined to return. Or it could be such a big case that anyone who's anyone might be driven to take a look at it. Whatever it is, it has to be pretty massive. Veronica stated several times throughout the series that she wanted to get out of Neptune in any way possible, and based on her college choices it seems like she's done just that. Something important has to bring Veronica back to her hometown, it's not going to be something like nostalgia or homesickness.

3. Keith Mars was indicted after destroying evidence, ruining his career. What's next?

Given the evidence, I think we can assume that Vinnie Van Lowe won the sheriff's election in Neptune, despite the series ending without telling us who won. So what becomes of Keith? Perhaps he, like Veronica, took a break from the private investigator business. It's pretty hard to imagine him doing anything but working in law, but if no one trusts him anymore, that would be pretty difficult to make a living from. Then again, it's also hard to imagine him working in a coffee shop or a big office building or anywhere but Mars Investigations. Maybe he retired to Florida or Hawaii and finally settled down with a new "special lady friend."

4. Where's Duncan?

As long as he's listed as "rumored" on the movie's IMDb page, I'm going to keep stirring the pot. The last we heard from Duncan, he had fled to Australia with his daughter. Whether Veronica is still in contact with him is debatable — while she did help him escape Neptune, it's likely that she cut off all contact with him. I'd still like to see what he's up to, whether he's stayed in the country or felt safe enough to move back to the United States. Plus, his daughter would be seven or eight by now; of course I want to see her all grown up. Truthfully, I don't think he'd have a role to play in the movie, but it would be nice to hear how he is.

5. Now that Veronica is all grown up and about to take her bar exam, will people in Neptune take her more seriously?

In the past, Mars Investigations clients and fellow classmates (even her boyfriend by the end of the series, Piz) didn't think much of Veronica's private investigating skills until she proved to them that she was the real deal. But now she has a bachelor's degree from Stanford and has completed studies at Columbia Law — will people take her book smarts for granted, or will they place her in high enough regard to be able to take on the case in Neptune? On a related note, it will also be interesting to see how many of her friends from the end of the third season have stayed in town and can vouch for her abilities. It's been about seven years since we left off; what kind of connotation does the Mars family name have now, and how much has Neptune really changed?