Ryan Lochte: 10 Reasons Women Can't Get Enough Of Him


It's in times when men like Ryan Lotche parade around the media that I'm reminded of how lucky I am not to be single. I wouldn't necesarily say he's dumb, but he's definitely ... well ... special. Despite his apparent deficiency in the brain department, Americans tuned in by the thousands to see the premier of the swimmer's own reality show "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?" More than 700,000 households tuned in, and more than half of his viewers were women aged 18-34. Why do the ladies love him so much? Here's 10 reasons you can't get enough of Ryan Lochte.

1. He appreciates sophisticated films:

During the premier of his show, he confessed that his favorite movie is: What Women Want, although he calls it "What Woman Wants."

2. He's not too self-involved:

He calls his friends his "Lochterage" and the world we live in "Lochtenation."

3. He's humble:

"Not to have a big head about it, but people love me," he's said.

4. He's a semantics wizard:

He invented the term Jeah (pronounced gia) which he likes to repeat over and over again. "If you say it, put that emphasis on the J. That J and E are the key part," he has said.

5. He can speak 3rd person and 1st person in the same sentence:

"For me, being Ryan Lochte is fun." he's said.

6. He's not just a celebrity, he's a philanthropist:

When David Letterman asked him why he got his own show, he answered: to "I just want to bring swimming into everyone’s living rooms. So, bringing swimming awareness."

7. He thinks before he speaks:

When he was asked about his portrayal as a douche bag, Ryan said: "Douche bag? I don't even know what is a douche bag, like what is it? Like what is the definition? ... Like I really don't know what it means, do you know?" Very inquisitive.

8. He's amazingly good at in interviews:

9. He's super mature:

During the premiere of his show, when he went bowling with his family, he puts his oldest sister's name up the team board as "Satan."

10. He's deep:

"What defines me? (pause)... Ryan Lochte."

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