This Amazing New Site Is Bringing Live Concerts Straight to Your Phone


It is no secret that the music industry is in the midst of a colossal overhaul. How do we listen to it? Which artists make it big? And what does it mean to make it big in today's business? A new online venue, EVNTLIVE, is working to help shape the future of the music industry and make live concerts accessible to music-lovers online. PolicyMic spoke with David Carrico, CMO and co-founder at EVNTLIVE to talk about EVNTLIVE's vision, the ever-changing industry, and why good music is now only part of what makes a successful artist. 

PolicyMic (PM): Tell us a little bit about EVNTLIVE. What is the site? What is the vision? 

David Carrico (DC): EVNTLIVE is a digital concert venue available on computers, tablets, and phones. We offer exciting live-streaming concerts as well as an on-demand catalogue of shows across a spectrum of genres. Our vision is to be the premier destination site for full-length concerts from the world’s most exciting artists.

PM: How has the way we experience music changed in the last decade or so? What do we prioritize now that we didn't prioritize then?  

DC: We have shifted from a world in which fans pay to collect records and CD's into a world where fans gain access to music freely. Now fans pay for experiences. The biggest revenue drivers in the industry today are tours and festivals because these experiences allow fans to enjoy the music they love, experience the context and story behind the music while being part of a community. We aim to help fans realize a similar experience online when they are unable to make it to a concert. 

PM: Do you think what makes a successful musician has changed over time? What about a profitable musician?  

DC: While radio and mainstream popularity are still an important facet of the industry, there is now more room than ever for artists within niche genres to have tremendous success. We can look at artists like Amanda Palmer and many others who have become tremendously successful through the support of their dedicated fan bases. The artists that succeed today are the ones who are willing to connect and converse with their fans through a multitude of digital channels, making the fans feel like they are part of the story arc of the artists’ success.

PM: What would you say to skeptics of EVNTLIVE who think watching a concert online will never recreate the concert experience? 

DC: I would agree with those skeptics! EVNTLIVE is not meant to replace the experience of being at a physical show, an experience that can be transcendent and extremely cathartic. Instead EVNTLIVE is a destination for fans to be able to experience more shows than they would normally have the opportunity to experience, and to expose fans to music they might not take the risk to experience in person.

PM: If you had a crystal ball, what do you think it would tell you about the future of the music business? What will the scene look like 5 or 10 years from now? 

DC: We will see artists embrace technologies like EVNTLIVE to bring their music and tell more stories to their fans. In order to cut through the noise, artists will have to do more than just create incredible music to become popular; they will need to immerse their fans in a world of their creation.

For more information on EVNTLIVE check them out online.