Bayern sacks Barcelona 4-0 in the first leg of the Champions League Semifinals


Well, the bleeding has stopped for the time being.  The 90 minute drubbing that ended in Bayern completely embarassing the Catelans 4-0 will be dissected and broken down by the experts for the next week.  Here are a couple of things to keep in mind about this game:

1.  Possession isn't everything.

One shot on goal from this team!  Messi cannot carry this team, especially when he's not 100%.  Barcelona wouldn't have even made it to this point had Messi not saved them against PSG, and he cannot perform now.  The important statistic to take note of - corner kicks.  With a height advantage like Bayern have, 11 corners is going to result in goals.  Barcelona cannot compete with this, and it showed.

2. Barcelona's defense will be even more depleted in the return leg.

Jordi Alba received a yellow card for this ridiculously stupid move.  The impact?  He's out on card accumulation for the return, meaning the defense which has problems without Puyol is now missing their first choice left back.  Bayern exploited the defense with him in the squad.

3.  Chris Miles is juiced.

Bayern is a team of destiny this season, and fans like Chris Miles know this team has forgotten the debacle in the finals last season and is clearly focused on the treble this year.