Rush Limbaugh Blames "Liberal Elite Intellectual Thought" For Boston Bombing


Rush Limbaugh does it again.

At this point, even people who have never actually tuned in to Limbaugh's show know exactly what I mean by “it”: made a crazy allegation blaming liberals for all the problems in the United States.

On Monday’s call-in segment of his radio show, Limbaugh received a call from the type of people his show attracts: crazy, ultraconservative radicals. Interestingly, their discussion was radicalization of a different kind.

Discussing the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing, the caller suggested that their radicalization was a direct influence of U.S. liberal thought. To put it in the caller’s own words, when you live in a “liberal hotbed,” all you hear are liberals “who are supposed to love this country [talking about] what a horrible place it is and what's wrong with it.” Thus, it makes complete sense that the Tsarnaev brothers “became radicalized by our own nation.”

Clearly, when liberals talk about the fact that racial minorities are often still segregated by class or that women earn 77 cents to the male dollar, what they really mean to do is create terrorists.  

Now, Rush could have called that statement out for the ridiculous nonsense that it is, or even just moved on, but as Rush is wont to do, he simply added to the mayhem.

Boston is a “hubbub of liberal elite intellectual thought,” Limbaugh stated, thanks to all those “universities.” And that liberal attitude of critical thinking just creates terrorists. I must be missing the obvious connection between critical thinking and terrorism, because Rush doesn’t bother to actually mention it.

I feel like this should go without saying but clearly, not enough people understand the difference between critical thinking or “pointing out what’s wrong” and violent, terrorist attacks. Critical thinking is the basis for science, for literature, literally for society. And critical thinking is how we progress as a nation and don’t stagnate or become complacent. It is impossible to be an intelligent, creative person without having a full grasp on critical thinking and intellectual thought.

Violence is perpetrated by people who are not capable of expressing themselves in critical language, those that are deeply mentally disturbed, and those in desperate situations. Terrorism is an act of extreme violence. It has nothing, less than nothing, to do with any sort of intellectualism whatsoever.

All that’s left to be said is that Rush Limbaugh is near impossible to get off the air. Even after the Sandra Fluke controversy (in which he called a woman taking birth control a “slut” and “prostitute”), Limbaugh managed to hold advertisers through the bad publicity.

If we can’t get him off the air, then just pull a page out of my dad’s book and listen to his insanity on your way home from work. I promise, no matter how bad a day you’ve had, the garbage that comes out of this man’s mouth will make you laugh.