How Iran Blatantly Violates Human Rights and Oppresses its Own People


While the Iranian standoff continues with European oil sanctions and American vessels crossing the Straits of Hormuz, time is left in Iran to deal with more significant threats.

Luckily, his trip to prison was not a far one, considering he was arrested and had been kept in solitary confinement since November of last year. In his court hearing, Aramnejad testified to being tortured in prison, severely beaten, threatened with murder, and photographed naked. But like the Islamic regime, it seems, he continues to stand proud.

According to a report by BBC Persia, security officials presented a warrant at the time of her arrest, showing her charge as "actions against national security." On January 7, authorities arrested two other journalists, Fatemeh Kheradmand and Ehsan Houshmandzadeh, as well as civil activist Said Madani a day later.

Photo Credit: brenda_h_lee