9 Best (Or Worst?) Live News Bloopers


Fox News reporter Mike Tobin wasn't going to tolerate any nonsense, especially from two Bostonians, who tried to give him an on-air kiss during his live report on April 22. He literally stiff-arms the two ladies, and said "please don't do that." He kept his composure through the entire report. Such are the perils of live news reporting. Yet, this isn't anything new. If anything, live news mishaps can be entertaining. Just look at CNN's coverage of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Yet, that's not the only time these sort of shenanigans occur on live television. 

During Hurricane Sandy, live news coverage was hampered, comically, with a horse head-wearing man jogging in the rain, and some locals urging everyone to stay calm and Gangnam Style. Also, who at CNN thought it was a good idea to have Chief Business Correspondent Ali Velshi do a segment on Sandy?

Here are nine of the best live reporting bloopers.

1. Mike Tobin dodges two kissing fans:

2. Hurricane Sandy horse guy:

This guy was just going for a little run, and his 15 minutes, or seconds, of fame.

3. Psy dance invades broadcast:

OPPA Gangnam Style!

4. CNN's Ali Velshi nearly blown away by a hurricane:

This has nothing to do with business, CNN! Someone get Ali to safety!

5. An attempt to spice up a story on flooding in New Jersey goes poorly:

ABC News' Lucy Yang learned this the hard way when trying to convey the devastating effects of flooding. Note the kids' facial expressions they know her report is 100% fake. But that's not all...

6. Additionally, NBC News' Michelle Kosinski staged a flood segment of her own that was exposed by aid workers:

So. Much. Fail.

7. At times, reports about the local wildlife can turn out poorly:

Well, you saw that coming.


Concerning sporting events, like baseball, after nine innings and a ton of beer it's probably not the best place to do a post-game report, especially if the home team loses. Alcohol + beer + more beer + even more beer + your team losing = profanity laced tirades.

9. Lastly, after a significant amount of snowfall, it's a good idea to mind your surroundings:

It's not a good idea to stand a few feet from the road when a snowplow comes charging through, though.