Titooing: First Designer Vaginas, Now Designer Nipples Are Trending?


From the same folks that brought us women the glorious wonders of the vajazzle (that is, putting glitter and jewels all over your vag to make it super cute and/or sexy as opposed to regular, boring vaginas) comes another new beauty craze that is gaining popularity in the UK. Ladies, have you looked at your breasts today? Did the nipples seem a little dull, in need of something to give them an extra kick?

Have you ever considered tattooing them?

Say hello to the latest fad inspired by the glamour media’s interpretation of beauty to the masses. Tittooing, as it's colloquially called, has emerged from the recesses of Liverpool's trendy beauty sect. The purpose of the procedure sets out to darken the nipples, define them, and give that special cosmetic touch to the skin around the nipple also known as the areola. Cosmetic surgery for each nipple can cost up to £1,200, or a rounded $1,560 in American dollars.

The procedure is semi-permanent, but with regular touch ups, it’s suggested that a person can have perfect, designer nipples … for life. What a dream come true, am I right or wrong?

A UK clinician described her notions of why an increase of women seem to be following the trend.

"A lot of people want their nipples made darker. It’s the fashion. Some people think theirs are too pink or their boyfriends want them done. I think sometime they are doing it because they are conscious of them being pale and they think it's fashionable to have dark nipples," she said.

"The girls get them done so they can go topless and not be embarrassed, or when they're in a changing room and getting changed."

While doctors say the procedure is harmless, they also note that keeping in mind long-term effects is important, especially with events such as pregnancy that can fundamentally change the landscape of breasts. Any person interested in the procedure is advised to run away from traditional tattoo artists and see a medical professional who has experience with micropigmentation. Interestingly enough, women aren't the only ones getting their nips done. One plastic surgeon in London said that 20% of the people she sees are male.

It's one thing to get your nips tattooed because you feel like it, and another if there's a medically linked reason. It does become problematic when you do so for the sake of someone else, such as for a lover's approval. 

Micropigmentation specialist Anouska Cassano spoke on individuals who may use nipple tattooing as a pursuit in superficiality to make up for other parts of their livelihoods. That is the unfortunate nature of the beauty beast and advertising — fix this about yourself and everything else is meant to fall into place.

"If people are coming to you because, for whatever reasons, they are unhappy, you need to ascertain if there is a deeper psychological issue, which means that whatever you do, they won't be happy. Everything I do is an optical illusion. I just create an optical illusion of a perkier breast," Cassano said.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I still feel better off without designer private parts. Who knows if the same can be said for celebrities here in the U.S.?

When will Celeb X's first nipple darkening go viral?