Why is Planned Parenthood Honoring Lena Dunham?


As soon as Planned Parenthood announced that it will be awarding Lena Dunham with The Maggie Award for Media Excellence at its annual Time for Care Gala, the internet kind of lost it. What? How? Why? How could a woman who only speaks on behalf of white entitled hipsters wearing shorteralls living in Bushwick possibly receive an honor by an organization like Planned Parenthood that represents all women?

Sure, Girls has had its fair share of criticism for its lack of diversity and the privilege of its characters. Despite this, Girls is still one of a kind.

As the creator, head writer and star of the show, Lena Dunham goes out of her way to portray the actual sex lives of 20-somethings. As opposed to its acclaimed predecessor Sex In The City, the show doesn't just focus on the loud orgasms and happy endings (pun intended). Girls explores complex topics such as abortion and it manages to do so without shaming women. When Jessa needs an abortion, no one shames her or questions her decision. It's refreshing to see a female character make that decision without going through a shaming process, which is common on television. The nudity in Girls is quite revolutionary as well. It doesn't aim to titillate the viewer, but rather to show women's bodies exactly the way that they are.

If that's not enough to convince you that Lena Dunham deserves the Maggie award, maybe the fact that she raised awareness and funds for reproductive justice might do the trick.

President Obama will be giving at the Gala giving the keynote address. I'm anxiously awaiting the awesome candid shots of Obama and Dunham fist-pumping likes there's no tomorrow. 

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