George Bush Cries at Library Dedication: 7 Other Things He Should Be Crying About


All living presidents gathered for the dedication of George W. Bush's presidential library dedication in Dallas, Texas Thursday. President Obama, former President Jimmy Carter all spoke kindly of the 43rd president. The presidential library is located on the campus of Southern Methodist University and it marks the 13th presidential library in the United States. The dedication of the library thrust the former president back into the spotlight, something he has largely tried to avoid.

Speaking to the crowd on a sunny day in Dallas, he fought back tears as he said, "I will always believe our nation's best days lie ahead." He went on to dedicate the library to the American people. Now that the president has begun a new era introspection, here are some other things I'm sure he will spend his time shedding a tear over.

1. The 'Mission Accomplished' fiasco- 10 years later, we're still in Iraq

2. Number of civilian deaths from the "War on Terror

3. That whole, "Mushroom Cloud" thing.

4. Dick Cheney, just everything about him.

5. And Donald Rumsfeld too

6. Former Attorney General John Ashcroft's, 'Bosomgate'

6 1/2 . John Ashcroft's singing and general policy towards freedom and liberties.

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7. The waterboarding policy

I'd probably never stop crying if I was George W. Bush.