Jamie and Nation Hahn: Political Strategist Stabbed to Death By Colleague in North Carolina


Newlywed and successful political strategists Jamie Kirk and Nation Hahn were attacked in their Raleigh, North Carolina, home on Tuesday night. The attacker was not some one-time thief or home invader, but Jonathan Wayne Broyhill, the couple's close friend and Nation's best man at their 2009 wedding. Broyhill also worked with Hahn at her political consulting firm Sky Blue Strategies, on the company's finances.

Nation, apparently upstairs when the brutal attack began, heard his wife scream, and ran downstairs to find Broyhill stabbing her. Nation was treated for wounds incurred while attempting to stop the attack, but was released from the hospital while Jamie, at all of 29 years old, died early on Wednesday. Broyhill is still being treated for self-inflicted wounds.

According to NewsObserver.com, former Rep. Brad Miller (D-N.C.), who decided not to seek re-election in 2012, said he hired Sky Blue for fundraising help around 2010. Broyhill had access to fund-raising software, and "some of the things that Jon said about the campaign finances were inconsistent with other information," Miller said Wednesday.

Speaking to a possible motive for the stabbing, Miller stated, "it's probably the case that Jamie was asking questions on behalf of the campaign about campaign finances. I think it's bound to be part of the investigation of Jon's motive."

"I lost my best friend last night. The sadness is overwhelming," wrote Nation on Twitter, after his wife's death.