10 Products That 3D-Printers Will Ruin


Sit back and imagine the world of 3D-printing technology that lies before us. It is a new and wondrous place, filled with all of your imaginations hopes and desires, like 3D-printed chocolate. That might all change very soon though, if the long arm of the patent law has its way.  

Yes, some people can’t leave well enough alone. Some legal fiends are trying to ruin innovation by putting a patent lock down on 3D-chocolate-printing technology. Can you imagine patenting chocolate or the process by which chocolate is extruded by a 3D-printer? Well, a lot of other people can and they have already started. That's because the legal field of patent law is extremely lucrative. There are currently over 250,000 patents for smartphone technology. Why do so many patents exist? There is not really a limit to what can be patented, for example, the closing mechanism on a Ziploc bag. 

Here’s a look at some of the amazing products that face ruination if the 3D-printing industry goes the way of smartphones:

1. This gummy version of yourself. (Yes, you can eat yourself and you would be delicious).

2. This dress

3. A chocolate version of your face, Happy Valentine's Day?

4. This 3D-printed guitar.

5. Whatever the heck this is (lamp).

6. These awesome shoes.

7. This mug, not sure if we want this one anyway though.

8. The scariest version of your face you've ever seen.

9. This amphibious concept car. 

10. This freaking robot.

I don't want to have to pay fifteen people just to print my face on a chocolate bar, there are just some things that should be free. For America!