Join Stephen Colbert and Help PolicyMic Pundit Jane Chiao Become Australia's Chief Funster


Hello everyone! I’m Jane, and I need your help to become Australia’s Chief Funster.

What is that, you ask? Tourism Australia is hosting a contest called Best Jobs in the World, a crowd-sourced competition in which six winners get selected to travel across Australia for 6 months and blog about our adventures. We had to submit a 30-second video to apply for the contest, and out of over 46,000 videos submitted, I have been selected as one of 25 shortlisted for the Chief Funster role. I know, I can’t believe it either!

It all started back in Februrary with this video:

The Colbert Report

Now, I need the PolicyMic Bump to get the job!

Over the next two weeks, I've been tasked with sharing fun stories and getting awesome celebrities/people to support my application for the job. On Thursday, my life was made complete when I returned to the Colbert Report and got him to officially endorse me! But this is just the start. Now, I need the PolicyMic community to help me come up with fun and crazy stuff to get this job. 

For the next two weeks, I will be sharing all sorts of fun and wacky things with you and taking you on this journey with me! And I'm looking for your creative ideas for cool things I can do to make a splash and get the job. After two weeks, if I don’t get chosen, I want to at least have had an a crazy awesome fun time trying for it.

Start out by liking my Facebook page, following me on Twitter, and subscribing on YouTube. And let me know your ideas for what I should do in the comments below. If this PolicyMic pundit gets accepted to go abroad for six months, I promise to let all of you crash at my place when you visit.