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Welcome to the PolicyMic Culture Newsletter!

Did you know that PolicyMic Pundit Morgan Davies has spent the last two weeks covering the Tribeca Film Festival for PolicyMic? Or that in the last 10 days she has seen more movies than I can count and written 10 wonderful pieces that we’ve showcased in the Culture section? Or that after a particularly moving review of the documentary Oxyana about the drug epidemic in West Virginia, Morgan had the opportunity to interview the film’s director Sean Dunne?

Well, these are the kinds of exciting updates I will be showcasing in the new weekly Culture Newsletter!

For the past year we’ve been building the fastest-growing millennial Culture section on the web, and it’s about time I start highlighting all of the Culture writer’s tremendous contributions. This newsletter will help bring together our brilliant and ever-growing community of writers and readers and highlight the very best of the week’s stories and community updates.

I want this newsletter to benefit you, and am all ears when it comes to feedback. If there is content you’d like to see, ideas you’d like to share, tips, tricks, or shout-outs, please e-mail me.

In the meantime, read each other’s pieces. Mic them. Share them. And use this newsletter as a tool for both communication and community building. 

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Craft Beer Astroturfing is a Beer Snob’s Worst Nightmare (Jeff Guertin) – America's corporate brewers are claiming a connection with the beer world's grassroots. Beer lovers everywhere should be concerned.

Millennials Are Remembering the “Good Old Days” Way Too Early in Their Lives (Adam Hogue, @Hoguie) – Getting nostalgic is kind of hip and completely enjoyable. But ultimately, it makes all of us sound like a bunch of old people, and I never expected it to start this early.

5 Questions With the Director Behind Tribeca Film Festival’s Hit Short ‘Likeness’ (Rodrigo Prieto) – Rodrigo Prieto, director and screenwriter of 'Likeness' running at the Tribeca Film Festival, discusses the inspiration for his film about a teenage girl and her struggle with body image.

Interracial Romance Will Add a New Element to ‘Romeo and Juliet’ (Rachel Graf Evans) –Orlando Bloom and Condola Rashad will star in the Broadway show, but will anything more than ticket sales matter?

This College Athlete is Ending His Last Season Early to Donate Bone Marrow (Logan Nee, @LoganNee) – University of New Hampshire track and field athlete Cameron Lyle will miss the final two meets of his career to save someone's life.

5 Video Game Characters Who Are Also Good Role Models (Daniel Waugh, @DanguyWaugh) – Good role models can be hard to find in the world today. Here are five characters that show you don't always need to look at just the real world for them.

Watch Hipsters Make Fools Of Themselves By Praising Bands That Don’t Even Exist (Elizabeth Plank, @feminstabulous) – Watch some hipsters say they love bands that are totally made up.

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