10 Actors That Were Made to Play Superheroes


Superhero movies, more than any other type of film, live and die on their casting. A relatively formulaic Iron Man becomes enough to reignite a career, a clown wearing face paint becomes Oscar-worthy, and an otherwise decent crime film gets decried because the casting just isn't right.

Sometimes, however, casts pick themselves. For example, while fans were originally skeptical of choosing Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner, everyone knew Ryan Reynolds was made to play Deadpool and, similarly, many others simply "pick themselves." So, for your benefit, here are ten actors made to play superheroes.   

1. Chris Pine as The Flash:

With a lean look that demonstrates speed, a suave demeanor that suits a hero, and a rare acting ability spades above traditional male models in Hollywood, Chris Pine is the perfect choice to play Barry Allen, the true Flash. Visually, the two are quite similar and, considering Pine's experience with playing charmers with tragic pasts, this only feels natural.

2. Idris Elba as Green Lantern:

Simply on the basis of his intimidating stature, Idris Elba would be the ideal choice to play a superhero. Couple that the dramatic depth he displayed in Luther, the impeccable comedic timing he showed in The Office, and the raw physical appeal he demonstrated in Obsession, and Elba is just the best person to play John Stewart.

3. Catherine Zeta-Jones as Wonder Woman:

Princess Diana needs to be played by someone with hard facial features, a deep voice, considerable physical build, and the beauty to convey a feeling of immense desirability. Considering the fact that Catherine Zeta-Jones does all this with style, she is well suited to play that one character Hollywood has seemingly always struggled to cast.  

4. Bradley Cooper as The Punisher:

Limitless and Silver Linings Playbook taught us just how successful Bradley Cooper is at playing characters that have really let themselves go. The Punisher has already been given numerous chances on the screen but — and this is only a suggestion — how about documenting Frank Castle's descent into darkness using an actual actor this time?

5. Chalize Theron as Ms. Marvel:

Already rumored to be played by the talented Emily Blunt, it must be said that Ms. Marvel would be better portrayed by Charlize Theron. As a character whose outward confidence betrays severe emotional damage, mostly derived from a controversial storyline involving rape and forced impregnation, Carol Danvers needs to be played by an actress that looks physically intimidating. Considering Theron's "made-for-action-flicks" and her visual similarity to the character, this is a no-brainer.   

6. Ryan Gosling as Angel:

Once men can stop seething in rampant jealousy, it is actually quite easily seen that Ryan Gosling is an amazing actor. That acting ability, when combined with his clean features and serene persona, makes this Blue Valentine star the ideal candidate to play the role of a kind but morally complicated womanizer who has to eventually falls from grace in tragic fashion, something Ben Foster's portrayal in The Last Stand never allowed.

7. Aishwarya Rai as Spider-Woman:

As the only individual in the history of comic books to be more "screwed over" than Wolverine, Jessica Drew's beautiful British accent understandably has a hint of bitterness. Aishwarya Rai, one of the leading actresses in the world's biggest film market, also has a hint of British in her accent. Of course, casting choices shouldn't be made on accent alone, so it helps that Spider-Woman works undercover in India — Rai's country of origin — and that this antihero also has the ability to secrete hormones that make her irresistible to men, an ability Rai seems to have in real life.

8. Zoe Saldana as Misty Knight:

Rocking the coolest Afro in the history of comics, Misty Knight is somehow connected to every major Marvel property. Therefore, there is simply no reason to leave her, and her awesome seventies look, out of the movies. She's an incredibly tough cop with a bionic arm and, if played by the wonderful Zoe Saldana, she's sure to have the depth to keep viewers glued to their seats. Plus, she's supposedly Janet Jackson's favorite superhero, so that counts for something, right? Right?

9. Rooney Mara as The Scarlet Witch:

When Magneto locked his daughter away, he must have predicted she would have some issues; that she would evolve into a dangerous monster and develop an incestuous relationship with her brother might have been a bit more surprising. After her wonderful role as the dark and bitter Lisbeth Salander, Rooney Mara has already auditioned to be the Satanically-inclined witch. Just like the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo film series, however, Noomi Rapace would have been even better, but she's on the wrong side of 30 for this role.

10. Donald Glover as Static Shock:

While Community fans have been begging for Donald Glover as Spider-Man for years, something that has recently come closer to fruition with Miles Morales taking up the mantle, the role that this young comedian needs to embrace is that of Virgil Hawkins, a wisecracking young man that saves the world and still tries to make it school on time. Glover's comedic timing is perfect for the role. But in order for him to truly do the role justice, he must convey the emotional maturity that makes Virgil Hawkins the premier superhero of the new age.

Are there any more actors you definitely want to see as specific superheroes? Any you don't? Simply hate the list? Sound off in the comments below.