InfoWars Dating Site: 7 Most Dateable Dudes From "Dating Freedom Lovers"


"Have you found your special freedom lover?" 

If the answer to this question is no, then you should head on over to Alex Jones' newly created dating site, 'Dating Freedom Lovers,.' which allowsAllowing followers of Jones' InfoWars program a chance to find atheir soul mate who shares a "passion for liberty and freedom."

Here are some of the featured bachelors from the site, and all the want is to find "like-minded" and "awake" ladies with whom they can have wuv, twue wuv.

1. "Why not analog and digital exist side-by-side?...but NOOOOOO, It has to be destroy the old, build up the new, Order Ab Do Chaos, ad inifinitum."


Yes. Exactly.

2. "...a woman that does not have her head up her ass or has her head in the sand. I'm just awesome and thats that ;) got it." 

Are there any other places a woman's head cannot be? Like on her head?

3. "I'm from FEMA Region..."

FEMA Regions are the freedom lovers' zipcodes.

4. "...our state recently passed the license to carry concealed law so i think this is a great state compared to a lot of others."

This freedom lover would probably judge you if you're from D.C. or some counties in Illinois, a.k.a. the only two areas of the country that the concealed carry is absolutely prohibited.

5. "What can I say, besides the truth -- something they will never know the true value of; because they can't tax it." 

Also, he lives near multiple safe routes to less populated parts of the continent!

7. "To compromise the integrity of who I regards to this disaster of a nation we live in, is not to true to me one bit."

Sounds like this freedom lover has been hurt in liberty and love before. Maybe you could show him that it's ok to want to be awake?

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