This Indian Ad Will Convince You That Coming Out Can Be Cool


Think coming out of the closet can't possibly be cool? You might change your mind after you see this:

The advertisement is just like its message: short and sweet. It's a colourful ad from the Indian fashion accessory brand called Fastrack and it features two trendy young women coming out of a bright pink closet. The company has been trying to embrace a more progressive stance on different issues in an effort to reflect a youth culture. What's marvelous about this short advertisement is that the young women show no sign of shame. They come out of a bright funky closet freely and happily. Just like the way it should be.

We all know that it's not that easy for most LGBT teenagers. In the United States, gay, lesbian and bisexual teens are five times more likely to commit suicide.  Studies show that the social environment is a key factor is an a gay person's vulnerability to suicide in both the United States and India. The more the teenager feels like its family and school is tolerant, the less likely he or she is to commit suicide or suffer of depression.

That's why advertisements that communicate self-acceptance and cultural tolerance are so instrumental in transforming a society's views on homosexuality. More of these please!

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Via: Buzzfeeed