Everett Dutschke Ricin Letters: New Suspect Arrested in Bizarre Investigation


As the bizarre case of the Ricin tainted letters that were sent to President Barack Obama and Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) continues to develop, authorities have made a second arrest relating to the case. On Saturday, law enforcement authorities arrested another Mississippi man in connection to the ricin case and charged him

The ricin investigation started off strange and has only grown more peculiar with every development in the case. From the first suspect, an Elvis impersonator, to suspicion of a feud between the newest arrestee and the previous suspect, this case can only continue to bewilder the world as it develops.

Federal Agents arrested Everett Dutschke, a 41-year-old Mississippi martial arts instructor on Saturday. The arrest came after agents searched his home and former business earlier in the week. Both the arrest and the search were connected to the ricin letters, and Dutschke was charged with possession and use of Ricin as a weapon on the same day.

The initial suspect in the case was Paul Kevin Curtis, a 45-year-old Elvis impersonator. Curtis was arrested last week in April in connection to the attacks. Many speculated that the similarity between Curtis's postings on the Internet and the signature of the ricin letter sent to Washington D.C. would be an important clue. The letters were signed with, "I am KC and I approve this message," which was similar to other postings that he had made on the Internet before the letters were sent out.

However Curtis was released the following week after authorities found no evidence of ricin or other materials in his place of residence. In the wake of the release Curtis was interviewed by CNN, where he sang some Randy Travis on air:

The investigation then shifted to Dutscke. Talking Points Memo managed to briefly interview Dutschke before federal agents searched his house. When told the Curtis had been released, Dutschke replied, "What did you just say?" When he had the information repeated to him he said, "You’re kidding me."

Dutscke and Curtis knew each other previously and have had disagreements online in the past. Curtis's attorney Christi McCoy has heavily implied that Dutscke is the actual suspect.

Dutscke has other outstanding charges against him relating to an incident earlier in April were he was indicted for fondling three children between the ages of seven and 16. Curtis is free on bail of $25,000 for that case.

The FBI and the U.S. Capitol Police, along with members of the Mississippi National Guard in HAZMAT suits, searched Dutscke’s home on Tuesday and Wednesday, along with the martial arts studio that he ran outside of Tupelo, Mississippi. The media or investigators have sent out no indications of the results of these searches, although Dutscke was charged in the aftermath on Saturday.

There are suspicions that Dutscke attempted to frame Curtis for the letters. That is all conjecture at this point in the investigation, despite being a claim that both Curtis and his defense attorney have heavily implied. As the investigation moves on towards the next twist, do not expect it to get and more straightforward based on previous twists and turns in this story.