Tracy Morgan at WHCD: 8 Photos Showing Morgan as The Happiest Attendee at Nerd Prom


Tracy Morgan is happy and he's showing it. Morgan is having a wonderful weekend in Washington for the White House Correspondents' Dinner in addition to be tapped by Steven Spielberg to play Joe Biden, as evident by his tweets and photos from the last day.

If there was ever a reason to doubt Tracy Morgan as an awesomely fun person to be around, this should remove it:

1. "Me in the White House in VP Joe Bidens office holla I'm in you !!!!!!! My Nixon pose"

2. "Hanging with the second lady Jill Biden"


3. "Gayle king came to the party y'all!"

4. "Me and [fiance] may! At the correspondence dinner!"


5. "The prez! @BarackObama"

6. "Me, may and [NY Giants Wide Receiver] victor Cruz" 

7. "My man al sharpton"

8. "Chillin wit @GeraldoRivera! My Man fifty grand!"