White House Correspondents Dinner 2013: Best Jokes Of the Night


If you missed the White House Correspondents Dinner last night well do not fret, because I watched it. The event was lovingly called #nerdpronm, D.C.'s answer to the Oscars if you will. The mixture of celebrities and journalists almost always promises to be a semi-awkward affair. I've distilled the entire evening into the best jokes from last night. Enjoy.

1. The entire evening was opened with a bit from the Netflix series, House of Cards

2. Here are some of Obama's best lines from the night. 

3. Obama said that as we began the process of thinking about his own legacy, he was considering building a library next to the new George W. Bush library in Dallas. It would look something like this:

4. Steven Spielberg spoke about his new historical presidential film:

5. We all remember the picture of Obama skeet shooting right? Well apparently, we didn't get the full picture of what actually happened that day. 

6. And then it was Conan's turn. Here are some of his best bits.


7. And of course, what political event would be complete without Sarah Palin adding her unsolicited opinion?

You can watch the rull remarks of President Obama and Conan O'brien below: