Budweiser Buddy Cup Wants to Help You Get Laid


Budweiser has solved the problem of awkwardly searching for the randoms you meet at bars on Facbeook. Now, instead of looking up their names at 4:00am, you can just tap glasses with them. Yes, the innovative geniuses at Budweiser have put their minds together and created the “Buddy Cup.” How does it work? When you toast two "Buddy Cup" equipped glasses together, you automatically become friends with that person on Facebook. Yep, this will end well ...


If you watch the video you’ll see why this is the lamest idea ever. Even if you never watch the video your common sense will probably tell you this is the lamest idea ever. Why? Here’s about six problems I can think of right off the bat. 

1. Who wants to alert everyone on Facebook to each time you are out drinking? "Hey mom, look I'm drinking again with a stupid cup that tells everyone."

2. Since when did toasting mean you wanted to be friends with that person outside of a bar?

3. Hungover Facebook pruning sounds like the worst way to spend the remaining hours of your weekend. 

4. Because giving Budweiser access to your Facebook account has got to be a good thing ... right?

5. What the heck would you do with this cup afterwards? Do you have to take it home with you? Is it yours to keep? How do you get your data out of the chip that is embedded in the bottom of the darn cup?

6. Do we really need a cup to make "friends" for us now? 

Apparently the cup is less about helping you hook-up and more about increasing the relationship consumers have with Budweiser. Ishbel Macleod for TheDrum writes, “The aim of the “Buddy Cup” is to enhance brand activation and increase the interaction between Budweiser consumers attending the brand’s sponsored parties, concerts and festivals.” For the sake of the country, I hope that we are not so easily manipulated by brands. This invention can only be used for evil. Pure evil.

What do you think about this invention?