LaSalle High School Shooting: Student Attempts Suicide At School


According to reports, a shooting occurred around 9 A.M. at LaSalle High School, located in Ohio on Monday.

Reportedly many students called 911 after it occurred. Dispatchers to the scene said that one person has been injured in the shooting, that person being the alleged shooter himself. Students say that the student took out a gun and then shot himself. It is said that the shooter did not harm or threaten any other of his classmates. The injured student was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center where his current status is unknown. The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office said that this incident was not an active shooter situation.

The school was placed on lockdown in the aftermath of the shooting, but now has been opened for students to meet with their parents.

Although it is reported that authorities know the shooter’s identity they are not currently releasing it to the public at the time.

According to Reuters, while one student in the shooting is down, another has allegedly been taken into custody. More information on the situation is expected to be provided later. 

LaSalle High School is a Catholic, all-boys school located in Green Township with an enrollment of about 800 students.