Tim Tebow Jets Drop: They Owe Him An Apology


Once again, New York Jets management has shown its inability to properly handle situations that involve the acquisition of new players. Whether it is through the draft, trades, or free agent signings, the Jets have consistently squandered the potential that has landed in its lap. The Tim Tebow fiasco is no exception, and the Jets should apologize for being single-handedly responsible for his demise.

Last year, when the Jets traded for Tebow, I was absolutely ecstatic. My team was finally looking to spice up the offense and to bring much needed competition to the struggling Mark Sanchez. After two AFC championship games in Sanchez’s first three years, it was clear that the Jets were only lacking at quarterback.

Enter Tim “all he does is win” Tebow. Was I delusional enough to think that he was the answer to all the Jets quarterback issues? Absolutely not. However, I was hopeful that adding a new weapon on offense could make the Jets a formidable force on both sides of the ball. After watching Tebow scorch my Jets with his amazing 95-yard drive, it was apparent that he had the ability to change the outcome of games in their final moments.

All Tebow needed from the Jets was a chance. He deserved at least one opportunity to prove that he could out perform Mark Sanchez on the field and turn the Jets quarterback sideshow into a legitimate competition. Instead of allowing Tebow to bring his Denver magic to New York, during Sanchez’s notorious struggles last season, Coach Rex Ryan decided to give the starting job to third string quarterback Greg McElroy.

Ryan's justification was, “I can answer this question a million ways — frontward, backward, sideways, anything else. It's my decision and I based it on a gut feeling or whatever. Everything it comes down to is, I believe it's the best decision for our team. That's the only factor that goes into these decisions.”

With the exception of a few wildcat plays and appearances during awkward game situations, Tebow had no legitimate playing time this year. It is no surprise that he did not deliver what the Jets were expecting.

Last offseason other teams could have traded for Tebow and actually allowed him to compete for an NFL starting QB job. Instead, the Jets snagged Tebow in a ridiculous publicity stunt to bring the team even more media attention (as if the Jets needed any more attention being in the biggest media market in the country).

To that end, the Jets owe Tebow an apology for misusing him and potentially even ending his NFL career. They turned a valuable NFL commodity into an absolute liability for any team that gambles on him. 

With his release after the NFL draft and after most teams have already signed their quarterbacks for training camp, Tebow has little hope of getting the opportunity he truly deserves. Thank you New York Jets management for ruining the past two seasons for Jets fans and destroying the career of a formerly respected NFL product. Only this organization can do it best.