10 Most Homophobic Tweets Following Jason Collins' Coming Out


When Jason Collins came out as the first gay active player in a major American sports team, Twitter exploded with joy. Teammates, players, fans, journalists, and even Bill Clinton gave supportive shout-outs to the player. Predictably, any sign of progress makes the trolls come out like worms on a rainy day. Here's a roundup of the most homophobic/racist/misogynistic/idiotic tweets I found on the Internet today. 

1. Yeah why are we talking about a gay black guy working in a notoriously homophobic industry when we could be spending more time discussing the plight of college-educated heterosexual white dudes?

2. I wish this guy just new how to spell knew.

3. Don't talk to Ben Shapiro about heroes, unless they're involved in a bloody war against the Germans. Or if they are Newt Gingrich, Perez Hilton or Ted Cruz.

4. Not to sound like a dick, but this guy kind of sounds like a dick.

5. Yeah TYPICAL gay behavior. Not because no gay athlete has ever done this in the history of forever, but because Tuffy said so.

6. I was worried this thread was only going to be offensive to gays and blacks. I'm glad this troll went the extra mile to derogate women too.

7. This kind of use of bad puns makes me think Chris Jones is trying to become the homophobic version of Carrie Bradshaw. 

8. If Jason Collins chose to be gay, he probably also chose to be black.

9. Yeah, just like anyone who cares about the Amazon Rainforest, is the Amazon Rainforest. Pure logic.

10. Good point. Jason Collins might be the first openly gay NBA player, but if he can't do the detachable thumb magic trick, we don't want to hear it! 

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