Explosive Vibrators Used to Target A Catholic Church


Sometimes a headline can be misleading. Well this is not the case. This actually happened.

The Digital Journal reports that an anarchist group who "variously use the name the 'Anticlerical Group for the promotion of the use of Sexual Toys' and 'El Club de Artesanos del Café' (the Coffee Craftsmen Group), have claimed responsibility for sending explosive sexual packages" to various Church leaders.

"A bomb concealed in a vibrator was sent to the Archbishop of Pamplona, Francisco Pérezm, whilst another package was sent to the headteacher of a Legionnaires of Christ private school. Another explosive device was found in Madrid's Almudena Cathedral," the Digital Journal reports. 

The Spanish anarchist group has taken responsibility for the creative use of "explosive dildos" in a statement on their website. This isn't their first offense. In 2012, they placed a bomb inside a bank.

Thankfully, the dildo bomb that the group intended to place inside a private school went off too early. It didn't reach any children but a postal worker was injured in the blast.

Whatever they're protesting, it's pretty terrible that a group would use a device that's solely designed for pleasure, to spread so much violence and hate. 

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