Google Glass Release Date: Features and Apps to Try Once It's Out


Robert Scoble  showered with his Google Glass, but you don't have to. Unless you want to, of course.

Here are the top apps and features to try once Google makes Google Glass available at the end of 2013 or in early 2014. Or you could always spend $1,500 and get one as a developer.

1. GlassTweet: Tweet Photos Directly From Glass

Twilio's Jonathan Gottfried has built GlassTweet, a "quick and dirty" app that allows users to take photos with the 5 megapixel camera from Glass and post them directly to Twitter. Once you install the app and sync your Glass with Twitter the app creates a new contact called "Tweet."

Unless Twitter develops its own app, this is a far more seemless experience from the current way to share photos solely through Google+. Gottfried is working on how to tweet videos which Glass can record at 720p.

2. Send and Read Text Messages Through MyGlass App

Google's MyGlass app allows users to send and read text messages from any BlueTooth-connected phones. It also shows location information for the device and lets you access other Google apps like Gmail or Google+.

3. Read News With the New York Times



The New York Times has launched its own app for Google Glass that lets you read the latest headlines on the small prism lens display, which will provide clarity "the equivalent of a 25 inch high-definition screen from eight feet away."

4. Never Use Headphones Again With the Bone Conduction Transducer

Google Glass transmits sound using bone conduction, sending sound waves from Glass directly to the inner ear through the bones of the skull. Bone conduction is often used in hearing aids and hands-free headsets, and allows a user to feel as if one is hearing the sounds through their ears.