5 Best Prom Proposals Ever


Prom season is upon us! It's that magical time every spring where students (well, their parents) spend more on single-use attire than their hand-me-down cars are worth, many get to ride in a limousine for the first time, and two lucky students are crowned king and queen of the big dance. Seeing your classmates in formal attire for the first time is also usually worth the price of it all.

Months before the prom, though, is when students must gather the courage to ask the person of their dreams to spend one special night as their date. A simple "Will you go to prom with me?" is often enough to get your potential date to say yes, but others take the notion a little further. Elaborate prom proposals are growing in popularity, and those creative individuals are featured here.

Here are the five best prom proposals ever:

1. Will Cornacchia asks his date from the top of a fire truck ladder

As a volunteer firefighter, Cornacchia had ready access to the main thing he needed to ask Brittany Tiano to prom: one Darien Fire Department ladder truck. With a huge banner reading "Brittany T. PROM?" hanging from the arm of the truck, he yelled down to Tiano, "Is it yes?" She gleefully agreed. (Talk about setting the bar high, am I right?)

2. Jason Pitts serenades his date with a song written just for her

Musician Jason Pitts waltzed into classmate Lianna Cohen's third-period classroom with a guitar and an accompanying choir, asked the class for their attention, and burst into singing "Prom Song (Lianna, You're So Beautiful)." After collapsing to the floor, Cohen embraced Pitts and accepted his proposal as her classmates applauded. Is there any way this could have gone wrong?

3. Adrian Kimmok's Up-themed prom proposal

This one had it all: a four-part scavenger hunt with clues that made a personalized "Adventure Book," 100 balloons, three 16-foot posters, and a few hundred spectators waiting for the lucky lady to show up. Oh, not to mention the three weeks it took Kimmok to plan this adorable prom-posal. And everyone managed to keep it a secret the whole time. Kid's got skill.

4. Ryan turns his girlfriend's favorite iPod game into a super cute proposal

Thulasi loved the game "Draw Something," a Pictionary-like game with a selection of scrambled letters the player chooses from to guess what their partner is drawing. So Ryan and a few friends drew a sidewalk chalk version of the game that made the question, "Will you go to prom with me?" Then, Thulasi was instructed to close her eyes as Ryan came out out from hiding and asked her to prom himself. Obviously, she said yes.

5. Tyler Kim, Justin Cho, and Michael Yi ask three girls to prom through dance

It's a triple threat! These three guys broke out in a synchronized dance routine during school as their potential dates, Scarlett Kim, Hannah Lee, and Joanne Hwang, watched happily. Then, two friends carried a giant banner behind the boys that read "PROM!" with the girls' names underneath. Two more boys handed the dancers three bouquets of flowers, and they brought them to their dates. Because there was no question they were all going to say yes.

Here's a bonus video courtesy of a young man named Senn, who claims his prom proposal was "more of a satire" of some of the "silly and outrageous" ways people ask their friends to prom:

At the same time, if you only watch one video here, make it Senn's. And watch out for the security guard at the end who pretty much gift wraps this awesome prom-posal.