Bagram Crash Video: Tragic Plane Crash Caught On Camera


A disturbing new video has just been released that shows Monday’s civilian cargo plane crash at Bagram Airfield, a catastrophe which resulted in the deaths of all seven passengers and is the most highly-fatal aircraft-related accident at Bagram Airfield since it was established as an extensive military base. The crash, which immediately instigated the Taliban to claim responsibility, was speculated to be the result of low altitude during takeoff.  

The three-minute-long video, filmed close by on a handheld camera, shows the aircraft, barely in the air, taking a dive and erupting in an explosion of black smoke. The identity of the victims has still not been released, but the frightening footage is still incredibly hard to watch knowing that there were seven passengers inside.

National Air Cargo, which owned the Boeing 747, has issued a statement on their official website, reading that the official cause of the crash is still unknown. The airline president wrote, "This is a devastating loss for our family and we'll work diligently with authorities to find the cause ... most importantly, our thoughts and prayers are with our crewmembers and their families."