Mark Sanford Billboard: Affair Becomes PR Fodder For Ashley Madison


If you were driving westbound on Interstate 26 in South Carolina this week then you saw probably the best billboard ever., the dating/cheating/social-networking site posted on the billboard, “Next time use… to find your ‘running mate,’” with a photo of former Republican Gov. Mark Sanford as the male specimen.

Sanford, who was notoriously caught in a cheating scandal in 2009 during his time as South Carolina governor, is currently running against Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch for Congress in a special election for the first district. 

So this billboard comes at an awkward time for the recovering politician, right?

Not according to Noel Biderman, AshleyMadison’s founder.

POLITICO reports, Biderman does not think the site will receive “flak” for the billboard, but rather horns honking in support. And Biderman actually wants Sanford to win in the race for Congress against Elizabeth Colbert Busch. “Mark Sanford has overcome a series of personal and professional hurdles to earn his place back in public service. While he recognizes the consequences of his actions, he maintains that his affair refined his life, but should not define it… there is changing tide,” said Biderman.

Wow, what a fresh outlook on politics. Encouraging honesty about past mistakes for forgiveness and a brighter stronger future representing our country.

Biderman continued, “Our society is coming to terms with the fact that people’s personal lifestyle choices should not impact their professional lives. Millions of people have affairs — powerful politicians are no exception.”

Well, maybe if Biderman did not found a company with the slogan “Life is short. Have an affair,” this message could be construed as an open outlook for a positive tomorrow, but it is not.

This billboard exists solely to provide hype for the company and continue to encourage people to dabble in affairs. If anyone is on the fence in regards to infidelity, this billboard shows that you can still rebuild your life and career after such a hassle.

When in the summer of 2009, Sanford told voters he was hiking the Appalachian Trail but was really seeing his mistress in South America, he abused his political position, state, and family. It has taken the many years for the public to forget this indecency, but no one seems to have forgotten, as you can see in this debate between Sanford and Busch earlier this week.