Emily Deschanel Pregnant: Vegan Diet Shouldn't Be So "Controversial" While Expecting


No two pregnant women are alike, but is Emily Deschanel breaking the mold a little too much? The Bones star stirred controversy this week by discussing her commitment to her vegan diet during her pregnancy.

The backlash against Deschanel has largely been directed from those who find veganism to be unnatural, arguing that the "extreme" diet is an eating disorder in disguise. The science of eating, however, proves the criticism to be flat-out wrong. Not only is it possible to get all of your nutrients without animal products, but it's a healthy way of maintaining a well-balanced diet when eating for two. While Deschanel's choice is scientifically healthy for her pregnancy, the public wrongly believes that the television star is making a dire choice for her pregnancy.  

It seems the critics aren't truly concerned about health, but rather they are more concerned that a female in a traditionally thin profession is choosing a diet that will maintain that size. The pessimism resounds as it doesn't seem possible that Deschanel made a conscious decision about what food to put into her body. The critics see that somehow, she must be falling victim to the stereotypical eating disorder trend of Hollywood. Deschanel, however, made a strong choice to keep her vegan diet throughout her pregnancy. She holds tightly to a moral belief against eating meat; one that many people don't agree with, but let's be honest, wouldn't have the will to commit to if they did.

Female eating habits become to center of criticism all too often in Hollywood, and consequently spiral into the average female world. When Jessica Simpson boasted her pregnancy cravings on Twitter, she caused a similar uproar for being at the other end of the spectrum as Deschanel. But what we have here isn't a celebrity with poor body image; instead we have a mother making conscious decisions about what food she wants to put in her body. While it's easy to cast the light on the supposed obscurity of her diet, we miss the true rarity of an individual knowing exactly what nutrients they are putting into their body and staying committed to the positive image of health.

While critics condemn her food choices, Deschanel is already on the path to being a remarkable mother. Her commitment to her vegan diet not only shows her love by providing her baby with a healthy body, but it shows she's a mom willing to stay committed to her belief system for the best interests of her child.