Tom Corbett: Pennyslvania Governor Claims Unemployment is Due to Drug Use


Are you unemployed? Well if so, its because you are on drugs. At least, that is, according to Pennsylvania Governor Republican Tom Corbett. During a discussion on unemployment in Pennsylvania with a local radio show on Tuesday, Governor Corbett said that there are many employers who are looking to hire new employees but say that they can't find anyone who has passed a drugs test. 

Since Corbett took office in 2011, Pennsylvania has slid from 7th in the nation in terms of job creation to 49th place, according to data compiled by Arizona State University. Although Corbett disputes the figures, in fact he said he "disputes the use of statistics," unemployment is clearly still an issue in Pennsylvania as Corbett faces an uphill struggle for re-election. And making baseless claims about the unemployed being on drugs is surely not going to help his chances.

Pennsylvania's Department of Public Welfare currently has an "ongoing pilot program in 19 counties of testing only those convicted of felony drug offenses."

Since January 2012, only two have failed. Yes, of people who have previously been convicted of felony drug offenses, only two of those tested have failed. Best to stay away from statistics Governor Corbett and keep to baseless claims.

Unemployment is a complex issue, and it is not always easy to pinpoint the reasons behind it. Unless of course you are Governor Tom Corbett.