Sarah Palin Senate Run? Alaska Tea Party Thinks She is the Perfect Candidate


Everyone, rejoice! The Tea Party Leadership Fund has finally come to America’s rescue and has discovered ­– or rather, rediscovered – exactly what Washington has been missing for the last few years … it's Sarah Palin, duh!

According to US News, the Tea Party Leadership Fund recently sent out an email opening with the words, “Do the words ‘Senator Sarah Palin’ excite you?” And because, for some reason, they expected the answer to be a jubilant "yes!" they also started a draft to petition Sarah Palin to be their candidate. Because obviously, “With Sarah in the Senate, conservatives across America can rest a little easier at night knowing that she's at the watch.”

The choice seems natural, too. I mean, can you think of anyone else who will “stand up to Harry Reid and his pals in the Senate to protect our Constitution on issues like amnesty, gun control, and our nation's crushing debt?"

Plus, Palin, who is described by the head of the group, Amy Kremer, as a “breath of fresh air,” has definitely got the credentials – she was governor of Alaska for an entire two and a half years! That’s like, almost a full term, right? Plus, she had a reality show on TLC – which, coincidentally, is also home to America’s finest, Honey Boo Boo! If that’s not America, I don’t know what is.

There are just a few minor issues, however. Like, for one, the fact that her popularity in Alaska has been on a steep decline ever since she resigned as governor in 2009. In 2011, only 29% of voters in Alaska held positive views of Palin, whereas 61% saw her in a negative light. So, obviously, she may not be the most popular choice for senator.

Also, with the Tea Party group’s draft being just that – a draft – the group hasn’t talked to her about her candidacy so far and Palin has yet to express actual interest in the position.

Oh … and apparently, Palin is currently believed to be “residing in Arizona, not Alaska.” Hm, that could pose a potential problem, no?

Regardless, the Tea Party group definitely thinks it’s on to something.

"We didn't know that [the draft] was going to catch fire to the degree that it has. And what that tells us is that this is just the beginning," says a member of the fun.

Maybe it’s time someone told them that the draft has gone viral for exactly the wrong reasons – like, for example, people forwarding the email to friends and family who are in need of a good laugh.