Parents Taking Pictures Of Their Kids With Their First Rifle Is A Thing


In case you haven't heard about the horrible tragedy that took place Tuesday in southern rural Kentucky, a 5-year-old accidentally shot his 2-year-old sister to death. The toddler had been given a .22 calibre rifle as a gift at the ripe age of 4. The weapon was bought from Keystone Sporting Arms, and the name of the product was "My First Rifle."

"It's a little rifle for a kid ... The little boy's used to shooting the little gun," said Cumberland County Coroner Gary White. Yes, because why should 4-year-olds be given mini-putt kits when they can be given mini-rifles instead? 

Jezebel's Katie M.J Baker uncovered a truly horrific photo album on the website that features toddlers proudly posing with their brand new guns.

Take a look at the "Kid's Corner" and judge for yourself. In light of recent events and for children's sake, could we please stick to plastic guns instead of the real thing? If you're not potty trained, you shouldn't be carrying a gun. I can't believe a statement like that is actually necessary. This is bananas.

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