PolicyMic Launches the Summer Culture Skillshare


Hey culture lovers, this one’s for you!

Due to the huge interest in PolicyMic’s Feminist Writing Skillshare, we’re launching a new, similar program during the months of May, June, & July designed to help participants improve their writing on all things culture.

The Summer Culture Skillshare is geared for writers interested in arts & entertainment, and will help you build an online audience for your work, improve your writing, and engage with an active community of like-minded peers. You’ll learn how to write articles about the summer movies, concerts, shows, and arts topics you care passionately about.

PolicyMic’s lead culture editor Elena Sheppard and associate culture editor rockstar Laura Donovan will work closely with writers to teach you how to write sophisticated op-eds and hold smart conversations around film, literature, entertainment, and new media. We’ll also show you how to build an online brand through effective Facebook and Twitter use.

At the end of this program, writers will have a wide portfolio of published articles, the skills to produce viral, impactful journalism, and most significantly, presence within an active community of culture enthusiasts.

How the Culture Writing Skillshare works: The program begins on May 20 and will run for 8 weeks, during which writers will receive detailed writing coaching and produce a weekly column. Participants will also join a special network of fellow writers, share feedback and story ideas, receive job opportunities, and get great writing tips. PolicyMic will promote writers’ content via social media and our newsletter (subscribe here).

Writers based in New York will be invited to attend offline meetups with the PolicyMic staff.

About PolicyMic: We are a high-quality democratic news and media platform powered by millennials. We have 5 million+ unique visitors per month, and our mission is to engage smart young thinkers in thoughtful discussion about news and current events.

How to apply: Please send an email to Caira Conner (caira@policymic.com) with the following:

- Résumé

- Short post (~350 words) in which you teach us something you’re awesome at doing. Be creative!

- Your favorite movie, book, or album and why.

Deadline: Please submit your application by May 15. Space is limited, and we’ll prioritize early submissions.