'Rodham' Movie: 7 Actresses Who Could Play Hillary Clinton


James Ponsoldt just announced that he will be making a movie about young Hillary Rodham (soon to be Clinton), an ambitious young lawyer working for the Judiciary committee during the Watergate scandal torn between her career and her former boyfriend Bill in Arkansas. 

The role of Hillary Rodham is a difficult one:  the person who plays her must be confident, poised, and driven, but also willing to take the role in a humorous turn once in while.  Here are some potential contenders:

1. Emma Stone

Emma Stone is more known for her portrayal of determined young women in teen comedies like Easy A, but she's also played serious roles, like in the film The Help.

2. Diane Kruger

Though Diane Kruger is a German actress, her mastery of espionage and strategy in Inglourious Basterds as double agent Bridget VonHammersmark, would make her perfect for depicting young Hillary's political mastery.  

3. Reese Witherspoon

After Reese Witherspoon's embarassing drunken altercation with a cop, it seemed plausible her career as one of America's favorite celebrities would come screeching to a halt. But after her heartfelt apology, she earned all of that sympathy back, and had many expressing that they would have done similar things if they saw their husband being arrested. That sort of strategic charisma and comfort with the public eye would serve Witherspoon well playing a young Hillary. Plus, we know from Legally Blonde she has no problems playing a competent lawyer ("Exercise makes people happy ... happy people don't kill people").  

4.  Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara is best known for her turn as the pierced and punked out Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. While playing Hillary Clinton would be a role with less eyeliner, the same intensity would be required.

5. Evan Rachel Wood

Though Wood has not been as prolific as of late, her work on serious films like Pretty Persuasion show that she could capture the drive and emotion of a young empassioned Hillary.  

6. Jessica Chastain

In Oscar-winning Zero Dark Thirty, Chastain played a determined and tough woman to find justice and singularly focused on achieving her goals. Sound familiar? Plus, the resemblance is uncanny.

7. Amy Poehler

It’s hard to say anything about this one but duh. Amy Poehler as the irrepressible Lesley Knope on Parks and Recreation has equipped her to rock a power suit and play a career driven female character in a thoughtful and sympathetic way: and she played Hillary for years on Saturday Night Live. Plus, this would open the door for a Parks and Recreation episode where Lesley Knope finally got to meet her hero, Hillary Clinton: with both roles played by Amy Poehler.