Millennials Can Lead the Way In Promoting Civil Debate


Everyone seems to expect something from the younger generation, maybe unfairly. But when it comes to politics, if millennials are going to be a new generation and not just a young one, they should adopt the cause of civil debate.

Image credit: screenshot by Alasdair Denvil

Essentially, many in politics express the attitude that if you don't agree with them on what the right thing to do is, it must be because you don't want to do the right thing at all. Or you're just too dim to figure out what the right thing is.

Image credit: screenshot by Alasdair Denvil

But why should civil debate be an obligation specific to millennials? Strictly speaking, it shouldn't be. We all have an obligation to champion our causes in ways that are dignified and respectful. But in politics, it's easier to get young people to start out on the right foot than to get older people to turn over a new leaf. Politicians who have held office for years or pundits who have built up an audience of millions aren't likely to admit that a big chunk of their career has been spent unfairly demonizing the opposition. To admit that they've won elections or market share by mudslinging would "tarnish their legacy"(Funny how doing the right thing sometimes leaves a stain).