10 Bizarre Facts You Didn't Know About North Korea


Most of us know about North Korea’s egregious human rights record. Kim Jong-un’s people starve while he sits atop a net worth of $5 billion. His wife, Ri Sol-ju, was spotted carrying around a handbag by Dior worth $1,594, which is the average year’s salary for a resident of North Korea. Yes, the famous hermit country is imbued with many, many rich facts. Here’s some more of them!

1. In November 2012, North Korea found a secret unicorn lair. This was confirmed by the Korean Central News Agency who said the burial site proves that Pyongyang was the capital city of Ancient Korea. 

2. The first time Kim Jong-il picked up a golf club he shot 11 holes in one. He also had the ability to alter the weather with his mind and learned to walk at three weeks old. 

3. Some Americans have defected to North Korea, like Private James Joseph Dresnok. Dresnok ran across a minefield from South Korea where he was grabbed by the North Korean army in 1962. Since then, he’s appeared in many propaganda films and lives with his third wife and 4 children. Felicitations! 

4. North Koreans may only choose from 28 approved haircuts. Married women get the most options whereas young men must wear their hair no longer than 2 inches. 

5. Kim Jong-il hated flying and short people. Really. He disliked them so much he routinely rounded up shorter people and deported them to uninhabited islands. 

6. Kim Jong-il had another son, his name is Kim Jong-nam. He’s kind of like the Daniel Baldwin of the family. He was exiled to China after attempting to enter Japan on a fake Dominican Passport with the name of Pang Xiong (“fat bear”). Apparently, he just wanted to go to Disneyland. 

7. In North Korea, it is the year 102. That’s based off of the Juche Calendar, introduced in 1997. Juche 1 is based on the year Kim Il-sung was born, April 15, 1912.  

8. Only the military and government officials can own motor vehicles. 

9. It is home to the world's largest stadium which seats up to 150,000 people. 

10. It's officially not a communist country any more. References to communism were removed from the country's constitution, "Juche" is the official ideology now.


Of course, these facts all become slightly less amusing when you consider the fact that there are 200,000 prisoners in various Gulag’s.

That is likely where the U.S. citizen who was sentenced to 15 years hard labor will spend his time. Kenneth Bae has been held since November when he was arrested at a port near the border of China.